Wall Paintings
TIitle: Bandhavgarh map at Treehouse Hideaway Resort, Pugdundee Safaris
Size: 6x 4 ft
Medium: Nails, string and crylic on wooden board
Description: The nails and string art work represents the buffer zones of the park and depict the forest in an abstract form, creating interesting shadows when light falls on the strings. The wood and nails are in line with the overall construction of Treehouse. The details of the core zones have been painted in acrylic paint with icons for the ease of the tourists.
TIitle: Adiyogi Portrait (Shiva- the first yogi)
Size: 9 X 7 feet
Medium: Acrylic and Spray paint on wall
Description: Painted the portrait of Adiyogi for a tattoo studio at Gurgaon to emulate the 112feet Adiyogi sculpture at Coimbatore and reflect the peace and tranquility he reflects.
TIitle: Glimpses of Indian cultural heritage 
Size: 263 X 250 cm (8.6 X 8.2 ft) 
Medium: Pen and Acrylic on Wall 
Description: Wall painting on the cultural heritage of India depicted in an unconventional style of doodling. I have tried to represent most states and avoid any religious depictions. India is perhaps the most colorful country in the world so it is impossible to depict it without color but I have used color only as highlights so that the beauty of each color can be enjoyed. The detailed patterns represent the nuances that have been added to each cultural practice over centuries of practice.
TIitle: Fun and Frolic
Size: 21 x 10 ft
Medium: acrylic on wall (office pantry)
Description: A doodle in an office pantry, to augment a lively atmosphere and lively conversations!!
Title: India, the dichotomy within
Size: 8 x 4 ft pillar
Medium: Acrylics and mirror on wall of an office
Description: I used the geometry of the pillar to highlight the contrast. The face represents the distorted map of India. The 4 colors represents the 4 seasons. Face is half male and half female, again representing the population. The random orientation within the face represent the varied landscape of the country. I have done the background in bandhni pattern and mirror work representing a chunni and turban respectively on either side.
Title: Minion Travelers
Size: 6 X 3 ft
Medium: acrylic on cupboard(office pantry)
Description: A painting on the cupboard of an office pantry of a travel company based at Gurgaon- Trip Tap Toe. Each minion was designed to represent a particular traveler profile.
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